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An Introduction to Amplifyr: Who we are?

March 22, 2021
Prasad Shringarpure

At Amplifyr, we know the transformative potential of digital marketing. The wonderful thing about marketing today is that it's so much more accessible. The tools and resources used by big business are available to everyone. 

It’s very different to the days when building your brand or finding new customers meant expensive advertising campaigns on television or newspapers. Marketing today can be inexpensive, yet meaningful and personal. 

Our team has years of experience working with leading global brands and emerging businesses. We’ve developed an approach that’s been consistently successful delivering growth for small and large businesses. 

We help brands navigate the complex world of digital marketing so they can focus on being creative and doing what they’re best at. 

We’re committed to delivering long term success for brands we work with. Our motivation isn’t big budgets or working with large corporates. We’re excited by helping brands realise their potential. 

We’ll start with a conversation to help understand your most important goals and challenges. Once we’ve had a chance to understand your business, we’ll dive into the data and look at market trends, sales performance, key metrics and marketing channel performance. 

Based on our interaction and analysis, we’ll derive insights for your business. We’ll talk to you about the most important opportunities for growth  and gaps that need to be addressed. 

We’re always excited to hear from brands, no matter how large or small.  We’re keen to know more about your journey, your inspiration and your values. So don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you. 



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